Cloud Accounting for Nonprofits

Nonprofit accounting and cloud technology

No matter what kind of services your nonprofit provides, your constituents depend on you. They partner with you because of your skills, experience, and proven success in helping others with similar challenges. So why spend valuable time performing back-office financial management and accounting tasks if they’re not providing you with the insights you need to drive your organization forward—and serve people better?

Streamlining your back office—so you can focus on your mission 

BakPak works with nonprofit organizations like yours to ensure you have the right cloud accounting solutions in place. When your team has organization-building financial management capabilities and 24/7 access to user-friendly productivity tools, you can focus on what you do best.

BakPak works with nonprofit organizations:

You’ll have the resources you need to:


– Automate key processes and simplify daily financial management tasks, from revenue recognition to documentation

– Strengthen internal controls, whether your operations are centralized or spread across multiple locations

– Gain real-time and historical insights into operational and financial drivers

– Enhance reporting and interdepartmental communications with intuitive dashboards and collaboration tools

– Scale affordably as your accounting and financial reporting needs become more complex —without adding staff


Using the most up-to-date cloud accounting technology, your organization will enjoy more streamlined operations and gain the financial visibility you need to reach your full potential.

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