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To complete the Health Care Licensing Application, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) requires that each applicant prepare and include the AHCA proof of financial ability to operate when applying for a Florida¬† healthcare license. Some of the services we can help with are below.

Preparation of Proof of Financial Ability to Operate for healthcare clinics

A 12-month forecast is essential and must be part of the Financial Viability Evidence form mandated by AHCA to accompany your submission. All suppositions made in the forecast must be detailed in accompanying explanatory notes. This section requires a certified public accountant’s involvement.¬†

In addition, we offer:
Collaboration With You

Often times, healthcare providers don’t have the expertise needed for generating the Financial Viability documents. We can collaborate with you or your existing financial advisor to make sure the licensing is completed correctly.

You may also need:
Advisory Services and 21-Day Response Letter

We can review and offer feedback on projections or spreadsheets that you’ve prepared for the Proof of Financial Ability to Operate. If you have already submitted your application, AHCA may issue a letter pointing out areas where your application falls short after an initial interview. You are given a 21-day window to address these concerns, and we can help with this response.

We can support:
CHOW - Change in Ownership

Ownership transition takes place when the current licensee sells or shifts its ownership to a person or an organization (as specified), as indicated by a modification in FEIN or TIN. This also includes scenarios where 51% or greater of the licensee’s ownership, shares, membership, or controlling stake is reassigned or transferred. AHCA mandates that all necessary forms be submitted a minimum of 60 days before the anticipated change in ownership. The new owner is obligated to fulfill the Proof of Financial Ability to Operate.

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