Increase Your Predictable Income with Sage’s Automated Subscription Billing

Seamlessly accessing data to predict cash flow based on current subscriptions is more important than ever. Automating subscriptions to accelerate the quote-to-cash process and get cash faster is also a priority. Easy revenue recognition completion takes a huge burden off finance teams.


Implementing Sage Intacct’s subscription management module makes scaling a SaaS company simpler in 2023. How?

The subscription module easily automates subscriptions, handles revenue recognition, and forecasts future cash flow. Without the right software, billing complexity can overwhelm finance teams with manual mistakes and communication gaps between departments. Bi-directional integrations are essential.


An example is Sage Intacct’s ERP, their subscription add-on, and Salesforce. Once a Salesforce opportunity closes, data automatically flows into Sage Intacct to instantly create an invoice. This nearly eliminates quote-to-cash processing delays. The subscription module then handles ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant revenue recognition. With bi-directional data flows between ERP and CRM, the contract becomes the central point for managing renewals, upsells, downsells, and holds. This simplifies forecasting because the single source of truth provides reliable predictability.


Automation also adds customer value by minimizing human error in billing changes. It’s instant, accurate, and headache-free.


Additionally, Sage Intacct provides insights into customer average spend, lifespan, and more. Sales and service teams can benchmark performance and quickly set goals to enrich customer relationships and boost predictable revenue.