An Insider’s Guide to Q1 2024 Sage Release Notes

AI is the name of the game.

In the first quarter of 2024, Sage Intacct has introduced exciting new updates to its cloud financial management software. These new features emphasize AI and automation to enhance organizational efficiency and provide valuable insights for decision-making, empowering individuals to succeed by breaking down obstacles to success. In this blog post, we explore just a few key features shared in the Sage Intacct Q1 2024 release.


Seamless Data Integration


In their Q1 2024 release, Sage Intacct announced a new Data Flow feature, allowing users to break the barriers of previously siloed data by flowing it from operational systems to and from Sage Intacct — ensuring data accessibility and consistency to improve organizational performance.


Sage Intacct also introduced Forms and Operational Flows, which allow users to digitize and streamline data collection workflows, eliminating manual and rote processes to simplify data management and organization.


Advancements In AI and Automation


The Q1 2024 update also introduced a new Professional Services Automation feature that both enables smarter work and provides valuable insights from projects wins (and losses), leveraging AI capabilities to enhance human work. Sage Intacct also shared new Early Adopter tools for predicting GL codes and dimensions with an expanded AI-based model, as well as PO line level matching to automate the coding process and improve accuracy.


Industry Insights


Sage Intacct continues to provide deep industry functionality to boost productivity and decision-making insights. The Commitment Compliance feature ensures that purchase orders and subcontracts meet compliance requirements by implementing compliance rules, which can help organizations gain better financial control and reduce compliance risks.


Further, the update also enhances project contract billing details, providing up-to-the-minute insights into contract billing on the Project contract billing details tab.


The Sage Intacct Q1 2024 update brings dynamic new updates to the way users can leverage AI and automation to support their financial systems. With seamless data integration, automation advancements, and industry insights, organizations can achieve enhanced efficiency, improved decision-making, and streamlined financial management processes.